Some Bad Winter Habits That Could Ruin Your Car

Washing your car regularly by the best car wash soap is not enough to keep it clean and new. Whether it’s cold or hot, the weather outside is still frightful with your car. In general, the weather is always in the freezing condition in the morning with the slick roads. At this time, the most precious thing between the road and yourself is your car. Therefore, if you make driving & maintenance mistakes, it’ll cost your car and yourself dearly. Below are some bad habits that you are able to ruin your automobile as well as tips you can keep it better or at least in top shape:

  • Forget to change the windshield wipers:

windshield wipers

It’s extremely easy to forget to change the windshield wipers when remaining to car maintenance. Do you see a few streaks your windshield wipers leave on the car’s window? You should change them as soon as they don’t work well anymore (how they clear the windshield). These items are important to your life on the street so keep in mind the better windshield wipers are, the better visibility is.

  • Warm your car too long:

It’s not completely fun to climb into a freezing vehicle, right? Thus, there are several resorts to begin the car & let it warm up before using for the day. Although it’s viable with a few minutes, the design of engine doesn’t suit being idle for a long time. The AutoBlog said that being idle for a long period may cause build-up on spark plugs which render it less efficient. This is a part of wasting gas and making your poor wallet.

  • Go on using summer tires when winter hits:

winter vs summer tires

Because a lot of citizens rarely see snowfall so they neglect changing tires for their car on the suitable seasons. According to Giti Tires, because you don’t do that on the cold weather so on summer when temperature falling under 44.6 °F, your tires start experiencing the faulty performance. Your summer tires may be weakened by a thin layer of ice on the street. That’s a reason of poor braking & handling.

  • Forget to check tire pressure:

In the cold months, the tire tends to get a larger issue because of compressed air. According to, the pressure in a tire is decreased by a PSI each ten-degree drop in the temperature. Thus, it’s better to keep a pressure gauge, portable air pump and an emergency maintenance kit in your car.

  • Fail for protecting the dashboard:

car dashboard

Perhaps it’s cold outside but the sun is often intense like when it’s summer months. In case you park your car under the sunlight directly, it’s very easy for you to see the dashboard’s color fade even its material may blister or crack. According to AutoBlog, it’s likely to damage when you keep a cardboard sunshade in the car’s truck, if the sun is bright.

  • Keep up with the amount of gas in the car:

During the cold months, it would be best to fill up regularly because problems are usually caused by a near-empty tank. According to reports of CNN Money, humid air in empty tank is able to crystallize & freeze which leads to ice in fuel lines.

  • Pour a bucket of hot water on the windshield to deice:

Your windshield may be cracked by the temperature difference between the freezing car & scalding water. Yah, I always remember that there was a rock placed an ugly crack in my glass in the past. This is plus hot water, they will work there & expand to create an unwanted problem. So, why don’t use an old fashioned way – the ice scraper for this problem?

  • Slam on the brakes & over correct when you hit a patch of ice:

If this happens that means the accident you cause relating many cars even it may place you on the local newpapers’ front page. In the event of slamming on the brakes, you are likely to spin out of control & into the guardrail or traffic. Thus, to avoid any unexpected accidents, you ought to be stay clam and turn the steering wheel in the sliding direction gently then tap the brake lightly. – a website with easy tips to help you Care Your Car. As you see, this is at simple sight: To become a reliable resource where all of you can join and learn how to care your cars; You can find here Best Products, which are needed for your cars…