What Is The Best Vacuum Cleaner For Your Individual Needs?

The vacuum cleaner is one of the most convenient household machines to invest. It does not only clean the floor effectively but also purifies the air, from that, it does help to reduce the risk of allergy. Nowadays with the countless improvements in designs and models which release every year. How to choose the best vacuum cleaner suitable for your home, your lifestyle or for individual use? Shark vacuum reviews show the most common type of machine will be in the market, this page is going to point out the advantages as well as disadvantages by the following information.

Currently, there is a wide range and diverse of vacuum cleaners in the market, the price and the quality of vacuum cleaners just as other products. Those two factors are going together as a team, but the most impact factor influence to your choice which is your purpose and your need. There is something you need to consider and keep in mind before buying vacuum cleaners for your home.

Factors to consider when choosing a vacuum machine is the size of your space. It is no matter your place is the department or landed home, an unsuitable size of the machine would become your “burden” because of the unnecessary. Further, storing space and maintenance are being the factors next to it. Be realistic when choosing the size of a vacuum machine.

Vacuum Cleaners

  • Sizing does not the only problem, still, there so many problems arise regard to vacuum cleaner such as the surface (rugs, bare floor, carpeted area…). Also how to maintain your machine. Certain people also consider the factor of manufacture countries such as South Korea, China, America, Malaysia, Dirt Devil, Hoover, Eureka or Mexico.
  • Another thing to consider is the type of vacuum, for example, a long wire to easily move during operation from preventing lose time changing the socket. Power capacity is well-known matter, but according to experts, the power capacity is an only theoretical formula, it does not the main factor to decide the quality or the ability of the products.

Straight type vacuum cleaners

This is a vacuum cleaner provide kind of strong suction power. This type is suitable for using in large spaces, it also can use for carpeted areas in or outside families. Certain large industries such as hospitalities might prefer straight type because most of their spaces are carpeted areas. Straight vacuum usually comes with a larger capacity than others. For the families with pets or hair problems, it is also the suitable type for them.

However, because of the heaviness factor, it would be a hard job for the multi-story building, stairs and it hard to reach and clean out the corners.

Upright vacuumUpright vacuum

Straight types do not suitable for the multi-story building while upright might somehow fit the purpose, but it depends on some models of the vacuum. Upright types are more flexibility in usages such as a removable or changeable brush on a different area, you can clean for space perfectly in each and every corner. SupraLites and Orecks are well known as the lightweight machine, it offers the flexible and easy carriage. Some machines weight a little bit heavier like Hoovers or Kirbys which are auto driving up and down, but you have to put some effort if you want to carry around the space.

Vacuum cleaner with bag

  • This is the traditional type; it comes to reasonable price yet is not cheaper than the bag-less vacuum because most of the bags are not reusable. Certain vacuums have multiple layers to better dust filtrations or some have automatic dust lid closed when removing from the air to avoid dust from escaping. This is a super useful point for people who have allergy problems.
  • Vacuum with the bag is more hygienic and less dirty when taking the dust out of the machine compare to bag-less vacuum. the point is regularly bag replace might cause some inconveniences and pricey in long term. You should have chosen the one has greater suction power as possible to ensure the effective cleaning.

Bag-less vacuum cleaner

  • It quite popular and increase the demanding by now, because of the various designs and models are suitable for different operation ways. It has greater suction power because of bag-less.
  • The most advantage of this type is a plastic box for million times using instead of a bag, it passes through the inconvenience of changing bag progress. You might also choose the vacuum type with a washable filter so you do not need to buy any replacement filters
  • The downside of the bag-less machine is the matter of taking out the dust and cleaning because it might make you sneeze or uncomfortable. If you are prone to allergies, you should go for the cleaner with a self-closing bag.

Important notes

  • Vacuum cleaners are varying cleaning level with different brushes, each and every type of brushes are usable for the different purpose and reach the cleaning ability. For example: designed with the narrow head can help you to clean quickly in the corner, small areas… soft brushes help many households take care of the sofa, curtains, fabric furniture… without damaging their material.
  • In order to save time and effective for cleaning, you should choose the right nozzle for each area you need to clean.
  • The final important note, pay attention to the warranty service. Some machine comes to good quality and reasonable price but it does not have any warranty come along, so if your machine gets some problems, extra fees might add. Therefore, you should ask properly for your good sake.

You can try out any vacuum machine in local stores before buying, combine your trial experience together with online information, then come out the perfect vacuum machine on your purpose. Remember! You must determine your purpose before moving to next step.

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