Knowing How Latex Mattresses Are Made Will Help You Finding the Right One for You

Latex Mattress PhotoFor each person, we spend an average sleeping time of 1/3 to 1/2 or even last longer than the total duration of the day’s activities.  So that the selection of a natural latex mattress to have proper sleep is what consumers really need, it is the way to protect your spine and prevent back pain from spinal injuries when lying down your back to your coziness bed.

There is variety of latex mattress in the market nowadays which might be confusing the customer to differentiate from normal rubber type or natural rubber type. Therefore, in order to have the best mattress at your home is just the way to comfort yourself after a long day. According to the research, most of the bedding materials are made from springs mattresses or latex mattresses (which is made from rubber). In this article, we are emphasized on the outstanding benefits of latex mattresses and how it works effectively to us.

Benefits of latex mattresses

  • Rubber is a complex fluid, but its quality content is depending on the type of rubber because each type is having different component and properties characterized.  Rubber emulsion typically comes in milky liquid.
  • Due to the process of mixing chemicals or latex glue reset and connect together over time.  So the new type of rubber is in solid form.
  • Latex is the sap taken from the rubber tree.  This rubber is formed during processing with heat and chemicals and is widely used in the manufacture of medical devices, especially in the production of latex gloves with a powder such as gloves, no powder, and surgery.
  • The products are made from natural rubber latex resistant to rupture and elasticity. Because of its natural elasticity factor and hypoallergenic, which is the qualified as a perfect ingredient for high featured mattresses.
  • In the different kinds of mattresses line, the most possibility chances that the family would prefer rubber buffers, as it gains customers’ trust.
  • Natural latex mattresses help users with the feeling of a quiet, pleasant, and good price. With variously outstanding performance points that latex mattress brings to the customer, here are several remarkable advantages out heaps of beneficial from rubber type mattress:
  • The optimum hardness of mattresses, which is supporting and maintaining the natural curve of the spine without causing curvature (mattress does not flatten when lying).  This is a very important factor since it does not cause back pain while sleeping, especially beneficial for older people and young children are in the process of spine developing.
  • The optimal structure creates better performance when the distance between the sustainable bearing with the bearing capacity of the material are uniformly distributed to the whole surfaced.  Reducing pressure points that make the users feel more comfortable, optimal support to body composition and spine in every sleeping position and help keep the correct posture.
  • This feature clearly promotes when users or are an anti-kneeling position with your elbows up on the mattress (e.g., reading), in which it will help reduce joint pain and is often caused by pressure points.

How latex mattresses works effectively to us

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  • Thanks to the effect of the elastic mattress when people contact and press to the surface, it does not emit any sound as well as does not create vibrations spread when sleeping posture change, this definitely would not affect to people sleep next to you.
  •  For families with young children, then this feature particularly effective when your child is sleeping beside you. It was guaranteed even if the mother has often come up or frequently rotate or change position frequently during sleep.
  • Thanks to the hole structures, which allows air easily goes through and is enhanced contact surface structure through the mattress. The mattress base is formed into the large square holes while the surface of the mattress is the small round holes which possibilities easy airing out, from this, the product would not cause to sweat and heat when lying down.
  • This feature is particularly effective for infants and young children who are frequent urine on the mattress.  Due to the given reason, the hole structures allows urine to flow through the mattress rather leaving and spreading which would cause back problems, wet head.
  • To promote this property, mattresses used for infants and young children need to be placed on the bed to ensure the seepage flow through the mattress, bedding (thin mattress should not be placed less than 10 cm from the tiles).

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  • Thanks to pure material goods before putting them into production in order to remove harmful components such as heavy metals (mercury, arsenic, cadmium, …), so the product is sufficiently safe for use when direct contact with the skin. It absolutely does not exist the factor of nitrosamines in the product, as to ensure safety for the user.
  • Nitrosamines is often appeared and being use in the rubber processing industry, is carcinogen exposure (absorbed into the body through the skin and sweat glands).
  • The rubber type mattresses are insect resistant: it is absolutely no presence of insects;  no phenomenon of insects crawling, biting, burning and it would ensure good sleep for the users as well as completely prevent the transmission of pathogens spread by insects.

Latex is 100% made from natural rubber, therefore when the product ends its lifespans, the product could be able to decompose naturally by itself. These are very important factors in line with the standards which has been settled in terms of protecting the ecological environment, it also helps to prevent polluted by non-biodegradable waste, so far this highly advanced technology is the best way to proof they are environment-friendly products or eco-use products.

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