The Pursuit of Beauty

definition of beauty

It was such a coincidence that while I was watching my favourite reality show, I heard an extremely catching phrase, which is “Pursuit of beauty”. I cannot memorize exactly every single word she was saying; nevertheless, they were so impressive that I tried to remember its general content. It goes like this. Humans, regardless of transcend genders, race, age and sexual orientation, have the right to prove their unique characteristics and turn out to be the most outstanding, both physically and mentally. No one is able to refute the notion as it states the most significant problem of all time.

Getting sensitive when it comes to physical alluring is a nature of animals, especially us, leading to a vast array of interesting questions. What standard makes me beautiful? How does one know if she is attractive or not? How can I protect my beauty? How can I maintain youth? What is the motive of being charming? If readers are struggling to raise these questions, then congratulations, you have started to figure out your own uniqueness.

Definition of Beauty

Beauty, psychologically and scientifically, means a striking feature of everything, maybe animals, items, objects and humans that supplies a sense of achievements and satisfactory.

  • To a lady, beauty directly displays the physical appearance.
  • To an engineer, beauty refers to the perfection of a layout design for customers.
  • To an object, beauty is defined as the combination of blended colours or particular shapes that has been beyond one’s imagination.
  • The pursuit of beauty of each person has traced back to be totally different. Once the beauty gains admire integrated with widespread reputation, it becomes a new concept called an “ideal beauty”.

In most cultures, although the standards are not similar, the main factor of beauty belongs to symmetry and proportion. Facial good looking impression, fair complexion, body shape, weight, height and also facial expressions are what stylists are looking for when being asked about beauty. Additionally, inner beauty such as elegance, patience, intelligence and politeness play a vital role.

Have you ever been jealous to a more beautiful girl than you when you were in high school? I mean she had everything, from perfect background, high scores ranging up to a list of boyfriends. Sometimes you think luckiness has dawn on that lady and you are forgotten by Gods.

In fact, according to a recent survey carried out in several developed and developing nations, beauty is beneficial in every single aspect of daily lives. If two ladies are both applying for the same job, maybe the one who looks more gorgeous is likely to attract the eye of recruitments in the interview owing to an obvious look that she is charming. What is even worse, doctors seem to pay more attention and take more care to the more beautiful female patients. It is not the irresponsibility; it is the psychological sense of enjoying at the same time with experience the outlook.

Physical and mental beauty

physical and mental beauty

It is undeniable that the beauty standards affect all householders through TV advertisements or product commercials on social media. Women spend a notice amount of money and time going around the mall, looking for effective products, being in two minds about whether to buy these items or not and purchasing the new ones even though they still possess tons of cosmetic products. Yet it is not a waste of time; it is, I believe, the desire to gain more success.

  • Owing to the increasingly revolutionized technologies, there are other modern methods of making up including adding physical impact on one’s body, known as plastic surgeon. Some received expected results, some do not. However, the main reason explaining for this event happening must stem from the pursuit of human beauty.
  • Every girl, when they were in their childhood, has ever dreamed of being a lovely princess or becoming a famous celebrity with a wide range of beauty products. It began with the desire to reach the beauty. Once ladies have grown up, they did realize that there is no happiness in the life of being no privacy and ignored it. Nevertheless, a part of human’s mentality is looking for the purpose of being attractive.
  • It is high time for women to take both physical and mental beauty into consideration. Personally, the first one far outweighs the other. Take the following as an example. On the first date, the way she acts and talks, the smile she gives to him and the elegance she indirectly revealed are the factors that assist him missing her and wish to know more about her.

Being physically beautiful is important; yet is not the decisive element. It is undeniable that a woman with more positive characteristics are more appropriate for being a wife, rather than one who just places a greater emphasis on skincare. She has the capability of bringing about happiness and taking care of their children, which is another inner side of beauty’s pursuit.

After abandoning the misunderstanding about beauty, the question is how to really pursue the true beauty. Being confident and stay smart. “Fake it until you become it”. A girl supposes herself beautiful then the others see it in her. Any imperfect features on her body can easily disappear as she is confident about her existence. Otherwise, one who is always worrying about being ugly, then she is one day.

Psychologists have claimed that it is the power of mentality, which ought to be enhanced daily. Life is a chain of uncontrollably unexpected problems that no one can ever foresee. A car accident may damage beauty. Age can adds more wrinkles and blemishes on skin complexion. The only solution that women can come up with is to get familiar with the inner beauty, thereby putting their potentials to the maximum.