Tips To Maintain The Correct Humidity In A Gun Safe

It is very common nowadays that you own a gun. There are many benefits of having a gun by yourself such as it helps to protects life and your valuable items. However, it is very important to keep your gun away from your children as well as other strangers. The best gun safe under 500 could offer you a safe and secure place to put your gun while it is still very accessible to you.

There are many types of gun safes on the market with different technologies, sizes and materials. No matter what types of safe you want to buy, it is very important that you know how to maintain it in the correct way so that it will last. Also a good safe will ensure the best quality of the guns it keeps inside.

One of the most common hazards that you may encounter when having a gun safe is the over moisture air inside the safe.

So why can humidity have a significant impact on the gun safe?

The damp condition inside the gun safe can cause very troublesome impacts to your safe in general and your gun in specific. When it is too damp inside the safe, molds and mildews will develop.

Also with the materials which is made from mainly metal of both guns and safe, the excessive water will cause rust and corrosion. That will then damage the gun and safe completely. Your gun will surely have misfires.


Furthermore, it will cause a strange smell on your guns.

Lastly, if your gun safe has molds and mildews, they will cause some bad impacts on your health, especially to the respiratory system.

Therefore, it is very important you keep the humidity level in the gun safe to the most ideal level as possible.

In order to prevent over humidity in the gun safe, it is very important that you could identify all of the causes for this problem so that you will fix it directly to the problems caused.

Main causes for excessive moisture are:

  • You put your gun safe in the basement. The basement of your house is one of the dampest places with higher level of moisture in the air. Therefore, if you put your gun safe in this room, the damp air will find the way to get into the safe.
  • Also because most of the gun safes are attached onto the walls. Walls are the place which can also spread humidity in a short time. So that your gun safe will probably get the moisture from the wall as well.
  • You don’t open your gun safe quite often. Therefore, the air inside it is not circulate well.
  • For some particular seasons and weather, the air is damper than other seasons. Also for some tropical area, it is more vulnerable to have more moisture in the air.

In the next part, I will introduce you some steps you could do to make sure the humidity level in the gun safe is perfect.

  1. Regularly Clean The Gun Safe


Once in a while, you should open the gun safe and let the fresh air blow in and out the safe. Also you need to clean off all the dust or hints of water drops with a dry cloth.

  1. Place It In A Hot Room

When it is hot, the moisture in the air will be decreased. Hot weather also prevent over moisture from happening. Therefore, when installing your gun safe, you should consider  putting it near somewhere which is hot in your house such as near the kitchen or beside the heater or fireplace.

  1. Use Silica Packs

The silica packs are the packs which are labeled as Cannot be eaten that you would normally found in package of some snacks and foods as well as other products. These packs contain silica substance, which is a material that helps to absorb the moisture in the air very effectively and efficiently.

You simply put some packs inside the gun safe and then you can have a moisture free air inside. This method is very easy to use and cost you no money on energy. However, they are only effective if the humidity level is not high and the space is small.

  1. Use A Gun Safe Dehumidifier

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This is another effective method to help absorb the extra moisture in the air. There are a wide range of models of dehumidifier on the market. When choosing one, you should pay attention to sizes as well as power. Normally, you should buy a small and compact dehumidifier for your safe.

A dehumidifier not only prevents dehumidifier but also with air filer option, it can help clean the air and prevent your gun and your gun safe from rusting.

A gun safe dehumidifier is more effective in large space as well as in high level of humidity. However, it also costs you more on buying as well as running.

Here is all about humidity in a gun safe. I hope that now you will know all about the reasons as well as the negative impact of humidity in your gun safe. It is very important to keep an ideal humidity in your gun safe and the methods to do so are not really difficult. I also hope that you would find the best way to combat against these problems.

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