How To Restore An Italian House Made From Stone

The idea of buying an old house and turn it into a new house is not something new. In fact, there are thousands of houses sold each year in America, they are then refurbishes and restored and sold for a higher price.

Besides commercial intention, buying a house and then restoring it also offers some personal preferences and tastes as well. This is even more accurate when you apply to the European context.

Why Do People Buy Old House In Europe?

How To Restore An Italian House Made From StoneYou may wonder why people buy old houses in the first place and why they don’t buy a new house instead.

European old towns and cities have been built for thousands of years ago. Coming with the growth and development of these towns and cities, houses and buildings were built. Luckily, it is not hard to find these old buildings which can stand the test of time and are still standing now.

Therefore, these old houses and buildings in the old cities in Europe have an irresistible charm. Not to mention the fact that they were built in an area surroundings by beautiful landscapes and nature.

Although these houses are beautiful, you can still the traces of time and weather on their cement. Also the old structure and design may not be up to the expectation of a stylish house.

Another thing that will make these old houses less beautiful is the material of the house. All of the old materials such as bricks and limestone have shown cracks and some subtle yellow or green marks.

All of the things mentioned above need to be fixed, changed or restored before you can fully enjoy the beauty of the combination of the past and the present inside the house.

How Should We Restore An Old House?

 If you decide to hire a construction team for you, make sure you research carefully to choose a team with a lot of experience and dedication. Old houses are typically the most fragile houses so they need to be careful and show commitment to deliver the best results.

You should also provide as much details as possible about how you would want to change the house, so that they can follow your preference and restore the house into the way that you like the most.

Things would be much harder if you decide to restore the house on their own. Firstly, you should make a list of what you would do in order. So that you will not forget anything and you will plan for materials and other stuff better.

  • You should restore the house from top to bottom. The first area which needs to be restored or replaced is the roof. It is much safer to hire professional builders to do the scaffolding for you.
  • Check for any gaps and holes in the walls throughout your house and fill them. You can fill them with traditional mortar.
  • Also look for damaged stones in the house. Note that broken stones can be fixed by applying cement by previous owners. If you want to restore carefully and completely, it is wise that you remove those grey cement to see how damage these stones are.
  • If you think that the stones have a lot of cracks and are damaged severely, you should remove them and replace with new one right away.
  • It is very important that you can find the stones as well as the mortar whose colors match the present stone and mortar in the wall.
  • It may be troublesome to match these colors because each area in the house will have slightly different colors and shades. At this step, you should expect to invest a lot of time on it.
  • When you finish mending and repairing walls, it is time you move to changing windows and doors. If you want to go for a completely new set of windows, make sure you buy the vintage and retro styles which fit the current style of the walls.
  • Last but not least, it is time you change the furniture of the house. Also look for vintage pieces of furniture so that they will blend well to the surroundings.

Overall, if you can, it is really worthwhile to invest your money into buying an old house in Europe. You can use it for commercial purpose or you can use it as your holiday house.

While it is safer and quicker to hire a construction team to restore your house, it would be fun and more memorable to do it yourself. I hope that this article is able to provide you some insights about why you should buy an house in Europe as well as some recommended steps on restoring the house on your own- which you would find easy to follow.