Advantages and uses of air compressors for the service

Do you have a woodworking box at home?

You can fix many things with that useful tool box, and save your money. In my opinion, I divide woodworking tools into 2 types: pneumatic tools and electric tools. I do not talk about petroleum or hydraulic power which are used in large industry, in this post I will talk about pneumatic tools (also called air tools) and their differences from electric tools in a workshop. And for more information, visit, you can see many useful best air compressor reviews.

When you buy tools, which one will you choose: the tools you have already known or the ones you do not know? Well, perhaps you will choose the first phrase, in that situation, I will also do that. Picking tools you do not much about can be risky.

Of course we will get the similar tools to us such as a measuring tape or a drill driver because we know what to do with them. The cost might be a reason make us hesitate or not to buy those tools. How could you spend a lot of money on the tools that you do not know what they are used for? I have experience for some tools like that.

However, air compressors are very easy and simple to use. Air compressor is a device which transforms the power by using diesel, gasoline or electric engine… in an energy stored in the pressured air. In other words, air compressors bump the air in a tank as the storage to increase the pressure.

The air compressors shut off as long as the pressure in the tank reach the limit, and the pressure air is stored in the tanks till you have jobs for it. This air contains a lot of energy which can be used in many applications. When you need the energy to use, the air is released and the tank get depressurized. And when it reach the low pressure limit, the air compressors turn on and refill the tank again.

air compressors for the service

With my following guides, you will have them as the best tools you have ever bought. I am going to show you some of their advantages and also disadvantages.

  • Air compressors are long lasting and more durable than electric ones because they have fewer parts to work.
  • During an unexpected power cut, you still can use air compressors and store them; this is one of the better advantages than electric counterparts. I recommend you should prepare an auxiliary or a large air tank while you are using.
  • Air compressors tend to be lighter than electric counterparts because electric motors have a certain amount of weight to do their work.
  • You can get any length of hoses for air compressors you want. The most common type are 50 feet and 100 feet.
  • Though the air compressors have the noise reducing function but it seems not to work very well.

Do you feel like the air compressors are worth to buy?

Furthermore, I still want to tell you how to use the air compressors:

  • Assemble the air compressor, following the installing instruction of the manufacturers.
  • Connect the hose with the valve.
  • Check the oil, if it needs, add oil.
  • Connect to the power source and check the valve.
  • Turn the air compressor on in order to bump the air tank up then close the valve of the tank.
  • Connect the hose to the power tool, remember to adjust the pressure.
  • Turn the air compressor of when you are done. Disconnect every part of it.
  • Store the air compressors so it will be prepared for the next using times.

These steps might be complicated but they are all for your safety, and when you get used to it, you will see nothing is too hard.

What about the pressure required for the air compressors? Keep in your mind: Less is more. In other word, the pressure should be set up as lowest as you can. Most of air compressors have been already set up at about 125 psi (pounds per square inch) before you get them. However, if you adjust the pressure to lower, you can save hundreds of dollars every year in your energy bills. The reason is just simple, the more pressure, the more energy required, and the more cost in your bill.

Those tools you will use most of the time with your air compressors are grinders, air sanders … which need the sustainability from the compressors.

And in the end, I have some tips for you:

  • Remember to release the pressure valve on the air tank when you have done using it because the rust can be collected inside the air tank by the moisture, which cause failure for the air to come through.
  • Always keep the air tools away from the dust, add oil often because some tools need to be oiled, check the construction carefully.
  • If you have a small air tank, focus on the power cycle. If the air compressors are used in short intervals and often, they can be overheating and can be damaged soon. So there are 2 solutions for this problem: Get a bigger tank, or get the smaller one.

I hope my post have useful information for you. Thank you for reading.

I’m Philip L. Floyd, a member of team, who thoroughly enjoys researching about Air compressor products. I hope my reviews can help you to choose the right products fit with your needs.