How To Make Sidewalks With Materials Stone, Bricks And Pavers

The sidewalk may be one of the highlights of the entire architecture of your house, when the guests to play house, one of the first things they are impressed with sidewalks. A good sidewalk will bring comfort for your steps, it also as a beauty on the lawn or terrace leading to the living room floor of the house. Sidewalks are not only the path to the living room but also can make road travel between the patio, in the garden or outbuildings. To make sidewalks, there are many options for different types of materials such as stone, brick, pavers, concrete, wood, Gravel or other material that you want to do. But convenience and it’s the most popular pavers because there is many colors, decorations extremely diverse, varied choice for users as well as the rapid construction time.

First Step:

The first step is that you, please outline the idea that you like in the first place a sheet of paper, with a pencil and ruler. You make sketches and ideas can be edited easily before embarking on the actual work. The sidewalk can be worry-lines or curves; maybe your idea is not the best plan, the most optimal. But you just draw it out in your garden, to assess how it will look. You do not need water to fill a showy way, but the first idea to imagine how the actual work will be done later.

Concrete Sidewalk

Now is the time to choose the idea or the most optimal plan, which you think is best suited to carry on the work in practice. You must be pleased with the final idea otherwise you will lose more time, effort as well as money to fix if embarked on as fact. You use the Put crayons, the water level in the final plan to choose the most beautiful colors.

Second Step:

This step is a step to prepare you to make the sidewalk material. You go and see, refer to the building material dealer before you buy materials to do, if there is no material that you are interested, you can refer to at the bigger stores, more distant places you’re at. Further reference is made sidewalk homes or homes around also brings a lot of suggestions to edit your ideas. You have to carefully calculate the area that you will do to the basis for them to buy, avoid buying too much or buy too little leads to a waste of money or takes more time and effort to buy more.

When you put the size sidewalk pavers for sale, they will advise you to choose the size Paver to do. If you lose four brick pavers to make a square foot, you have 72 square feet of the total need 288 pieces for such a small area is too wasteful, so you select the type of information panel that makes money buying.

Another thing is the Paver material, the greater the quality of money would certainly look better but your budget how much to do. You need to calculate the width and depth of the layer to make sidewalk Paver, normally, select at least 4 “plus the thickness of Paver.

Choice Of Materials For Sidewalk Paver

Instead of pouring concrete yard, you can select different tiles to embellish your garden: beautiful and very green cheap. Concrete tiles, split stone, bricks … the material can bring to the field an unexpected beauty. If combined with patches of grass or trees and walkway leading into your home will become more graceful.

Adobe bricks

Adobe bricks are bricks with a square, rectangular, hexagonal, shape keys, tie or spiral (brick block insertion order). Brick surface with powder coating mixed with white cement tiles manipulated like a flower. Construction of concrete brick is quite simple, no cement mortar and mortar undergo background. Requirements necessary for the use of these tiles are the right firm and flattened.

Ceramic bricks


Brick (ceramic) is made of terracotta tiles series tradition but are manufactured on high-tech production lines; the products are precise, beautiful and better. Instead of brick-sized vessels previously only 30×30 cm, now has different specifications to 6 with five colors such as red, light red, cream, gray and light gray. With such abundance, how to coordinate on the ground for easier shaping. You can use different colored tiles to create patterns, motifs edging the aisles?

The beautiful squares

To have the brick walkway and part grass, people often use specialized grass tiles made of concrete presses, 25×40 cm specifications, 8 cm thick. On the bricks has 8 square holes “knit” X oblique grass, making a green checkered markings, gray pretty fun in the yard.