How to Choose A Stone, Brick Or Paver Garden Path for Your House

Here is the way I want to introduce you to how to install pavers, stones, and brick to make the patio, garden paths and walkway. How to create the patio, garden path made of brick or stone, to be able to save a lot of space and layout the most scientifically.

Normally the easiest way to make a direct Paver stone paving stone is flat so that the first form directly on the base paths. You should select each stone has a reasonable size, beautiful shape and the surface is not too rough to walk over. Grass can be planted between stones alternating but not be too high for the travel problems. This is probably the simplest and most natural, but my advice is that you spread a layer of sand with a thickness just right to back the dog, it’s rock layers sprayed onto most flat, it will also look better.

How to Choose A Stone, Brick Or Paver Garden Path for Your House

Garden walkway selection of any kind?

  • The flagstones are connected by grass, or small plants are often more luxurious flowers is placed on the sand type. Stones placed on the sand will usually make moss appears on the rocks and weeds will grow into the slot, creating a style consistent with the background of green grass
  • A paved walkway created patterned basket weaving classical feeling more relaxed as compared with parallel straight form. Sample baskets can suit the house style suburbs or the more classic style while remaining samples will be more in line with modern architecture
  • garden room styled stamped concrete flooring is one of the special decorative patterns. This style looks elegant aisles than a conventional smooth concrete work. Tint on concrete can also help you in harmony or create contrast on surfaces with unique features
  • Brick or tile edges will help a cobblestone walkway looks more luxurious. On the edge of the aisle can also create characteristics – not just the start of the walk, but also to ensure greater safety. The exotic garden becomes permanently.
  • If you use the old bricks, if you know how to combine them harmoniously with the natural layout would look better is to use new bricks
  • If the old bricks are not straight and square, can seat chipped or broken, you can fix it by planting trees on that lovely little or moss so that it’s more beautiful, flat. When selecting, old bricks should choose the most beautiful, the most solid to withstand the impact of external forces.

Width suited for the walkway in the garden:

The width of the aisle is also very important, not too small or too large. People will travel faster and easier with the passage to considering the narrow road. With a width of the 1.5m range is quite comfortable to have two people walked the aisle. If a narrow aisle, it will make you slow down, you have to spend time carefully to look down the road in the process. So the size will depend on more and an area of your home garden

Use paving brick to make pathway, garden way

Use paving brick to make pathway, garden wayUse brick paver will make your garden cleaner, hygienic things will happen easily and quickly than with tiled floor. And yet, many kinds of modern paver bricks now will give your yard a perfect appearance and impressive.

Otherwise tiled or use grass, pebbles lined garden, yard you will quickly become degraded and dirty by the not fully toilet. With brick paver, you can clean easily and quickly, thoroughly wipe the stains or leaves, garbage, …A courtyard garden with luxurious garden tiles will give you a pleasant feeling when stepping foot here, the activities fun activities your family can also be the perfect place with pieces of nice garden clean paved the bricks most beautiful, the cleanest and durable.

If you own a piece of the garden, not to save money without using brick paver for your garden more beautiful, clean and full of chic, modern, turning it into an ideal place for the summer all his house.