Guide For You To Have A Stone In Your Own Yard Fire Pit

A stone fire can bring an amazing dream come true for you . Your dream of an amazing stone fire will become a reality if you follow below six steps that I presented to you, you will need the following items:

  • 44 piece stone radius made for men
  • A steel ring fire ring made with heavy volume with precise radius
  • A grille pulls away with heavy-duty function
  • About 3 kg of sand

You can very easily buy a stone fire pit kit and have a lot of common types to be installed and used in campsites. The use of sand that measures will be used to create the heat by letting the lower barrier of the fire pit there, it will absorb heat and spread out the fire pit. 44 stones with a diameter buffet clean, not too big or not too small to be used to create a rough surface. On the top and bottom of each stone are smooth and beautiful, flat to be able to take away, or use the toilet at your convenience, not encumbered

How to Put Together the Stone Fire Pit Kit

Step 1

Place the steel ring and put it on the plate so you can make a buffer layer to spread it around it

Step 2

Placed the first stone and slid it into the ring, to ensure that the smooth surface of the stone has been placed inside the steel ring while the stone’s rough edges are visible from the outside. Add a layer of rocks exposed next and the first layers of rock, each layer, in turn, is grown up stones to be placed side by side from the first rocks. Blocks of the size of the stones are reasonable so that you will put them fit within the iron.


Step 3

When you place the 2nd grade, you must ensure that the first rock with the second layer is placed staggered to each other, to ensure the necessary clearance for the heat and air through the cooking process. Then you put the rock layers side by side with each other is calculated from the first class, and put together sole respectively.

Step 4

3rd-grade rocks, you need to raise steel ring just enough to be able to put one pair of blocks.  Underneath, keep it at the top where you can adjust the ring of stones, to this rock layers exposed parts must also sole. Place the third layer of the ring and ring with a little edge above the stone ring.


Step 5

Lift the ring up a couple just enough to slide of stone so you can put as a guide steel ring and placed 4th grade, 5th and subsequent layers of rock, at this stage; you still have to make sure sole rocks placed together since first grade.

Step 6

Pull away from the grille, pull out the inner ring and began pouring sand into the fire ring clean .cat has to extinguish the fire is transmitted from the fire pit, but it was still able to keep the heat to use some of the-the other is not completely extinguished the fire is gone. So through the steps that I have shown above, it would be helpful to you, and you will have a stone fire pit complete with own yard. You follow the steps that I guided you.